Infrared thermometer

With high-precision sensor Optimized for One-click Accurate readings

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Check the spread withThe Intelligent non-contact thermometer

With the rising toll of infected individuals, it is wise not to take chances and maintain safe distance at home, offices and public places till the pandemic loosens its clutch, without giving up on regular life.

Clinically tested and certified with a minimal error margin, the hi-tech infrared thermometer is ideal for temperature measurement 2-5 centimeters away from forehead to avoid cross infection.

  • High-accuracy infrared measurement with audible alert.
  • Memory feature for record maintenance and recall as & when required.
  • Single touch unit conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit & vice-versa.

Zero-Contact. Digital. ReliableForehead Thermal Gun Scanner With Intelligent color alarm fever alert

The ergonomic and clinically accurate non-contact thermometer equipped with a microchip and enhanced with infrared technology minimizes the scope of errors and displays reliable readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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